Hair cream & Henna

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Helps to form an extraordinary hair and scalp conditioning product. It is used for combating greasy and oily hair, by regulating the sebum production of the scalp. Regenerate structural strength of hair. On the scalp it helps to prevent and control dandruff-Lemon, Neem. It allows new black hair growth in place of white hair. – Henna, Hibiscus. It provides shiny, soft black, long and dense hair. Bramhi relieves from Stress. Usage: Dump henna powder in a bowl and mix with water or tea dictation. Make it as a paste and leave it  for the whole night. Put on your gloves and start applying the henna. Start at the top and take a very small partition of your hair. Apply henna just to the roots and skin closest to the partition of hair. Use a lot of henna and a thick application. Start with the roots, and apply to the remaining length of hair as you are winding it. Carefully remove the layers and clean it throughly.
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HAIR GROW SPA - 500gms
Bio Hair Grow Spa is packed with the natural goodness of 9 herbs and 3 oils enriches your hair. Packed with 9 benefits Relives stress, Stops Hair Fall, Stimulate Hair Growth, Hair Conditioning, Removes Lice, Strengthen Hair , Shiny Hair, Reduces Grey Hair and Hair Nourishment.  It provides natural nourishment to your hair, giving it body & radiance while taking care of the critical balance of nutrients. It has the goodness of Amla, Hibicus, Neem, Lemon, Bringraj, Bramhi, Alovera herbs. They work magic on your hair, giving your hair & scalp complete nourishment. It makes hair Stronger and to make it grow long. Usage:   Apply Hair cream all over the scalp . Massage the scalp gently with fingers in a circular motion, so that the cream gets absorbed into the scalp, gradually Leave for minimum 30 minutes and Wash off.
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