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Bio ProtoHeart
Bio Proto Heart is a herbal ayurvedic formulation which promotes heart health and cardio-vascular functions. It promotes healthy heart muscle and helps reduce platelet aggregation. It also helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels and normal lipid metabolism. It is also an excellent natural therapy for maintaining normal blood pressure and normal blood circulation. It also helps to reduce nervousness and anxiety. As a daily supplement Bio Proto Heart can be taken to maintain a healthy heart. It can be very beneficial to those who are stressed, smoke, are overweight, or consume high-fat diets. • It supports normal heart functions • It promotes healthy blood circulation • It promotes normal cholesterol and lipid levels • It supports normal platelet function • It helps overcome nervousness and anxiety • Bio Proto Heart brought about significant clinical improvement in cases of essential hypertension, anginapectoris and ischaemic heart disease. Specific clinical features, like palpitation, precordial discomfort and insomnia were considerably reduced after the drug therapy. Bio Proto Heart did not alter the resting haemodynamics of cardiac subjects. The angina cases showed clinical improvement in frequency and intensity of pain. Indications: Raktasodhaka , Reduces LDL Cholesterol, Heart Health Dosage: 2 capsules 2 times a day (After food at morning and nights preferably before going to bed during night) with luke warm water and this matra (dose) is subjected to change basing Vayobedha and sareeraprakrithi.
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