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Bio Stresstone acts effectively on the following states: Frequently when we are under some stress, one of the first indications of this is difficulty sleeping, or insomnia. Although insomnia is a frequent result of mental and emotional stress, it is important to note that it can also relate to other factors such as hypoglycemia or chronic pain. Problems can range from having difficulty falling asleep, being too easily disrupted with multiple awakenings, or early morning awakenings and an inability to fall back asleep. Interruptions in the sleep cycle are thought to impair brain metabolism and interfere with the development of nerve cells, and promote mental stress and depression in a vicious cycle relationship. Indications: Psychiatric Disorders, Buddhi Pragathi (Knowledge Improvement), Alasyam (Inactiveness), Dourbalya (General Weakness), Madhumeha , Sleeplessness And Stressful Life Style Uses of the Herbs: Bio Stresstone has unique combination of herbs to act against Madhumeha, Stress, Doubalya, Alasyam. Asvagandha revitalizes body and decreases untimely fatigue caused due weak body strength accumulation of negative energies in the body. Akarakarabha fights with weakness and helps in filling Energy. Haridra to purify the body-mind. Kumari effectively on Digestive ,immune system and normalizing blood sugar. Brahmi restore memory, reduces nervous and mental strain. Tulasi reduces stress and has quick healing power Rasna is useful in management of respiratory discomfort, edematous conditions, chronic fever and toxicities. Bhumi Amlaki a rejuvenative to promote longevity, enhance digestion , treat constipation, purify the blood , reduce cough . Dosage: 2 capsules 2 times a day (1hour after food at morning and nights preferably before going to bed during night) with luke warm water and this matra (dose) is subjected to change basing Vayobedha and sareeraprakrithi.
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