Bio Yuva treats any kind of sexual related ailments and any kind of inefficiency in achieving satisfying sexual life. It is a good Pill which helps in gaining more control over our nerves. It is helpful in stimulating our pituitary glands to promote secretion of testosterone. It’s a proven fact that helps in restoring the lost stamina and vigor in the body. It is commonly known as the youth of fountain. It is a herb that is used as anti-aging agent and promoting sexual health. Become young enjoy the powers of youth forever. Rejuvenate your body with the worlds most powerful active herbs gifted to mankind by mother nature. Indications: Ejaculation Praecox, Psychic Unpleasure, Manasa Klaibha, Dhvaja Bhanga, Vajikarana, Marma Chedaja, Sahaja Klaibya, Uses of the Herbs: Bio Yuva solves problem of male klaibya. It has unique herbal combination. Akarakarabha cures male sexual disorders without any toxic effect. Kokilaksa used in general weakness , sexual disorders,urinary tract infection. Improves the sperm count and the quality of semen. Vidari is a rejuvenator. Asvagandha promote libido, reduce fatigue, recovering from prolong sickness, stress, mental problems. Goksura is a mood enhancer that stimulates the production of the luteinizing hormone (lh). Jatiphala reduces stress and exhaustion and decreasing anxiety and depression. Yastimadhu increases sexual desire and power so useful in erectile disorders and premature ejaculation Atmagupta enhances mental alertness, improves coordination, elevates energy levels, and promotes lean muscle growth. Salmali is for Strength and vigour, sexual disorders, genral weakness and on urinary tract infection. Dosage: Two Capsules twice a day or as Directed by the Physician,
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