100% natural solution to kick pimples and Pigmentation away. Regulates excess oil secretion, cleans clogged pores & prevents recurrence of pimples. It has soothing, moisturizing and healing properties. Reduces melanin contain and maintains the skin from getting Pigmentation. Modules and keeps the skin ready for the treatment. It also cools & soothes the skin, improving its texture & imparting a natural glow. Usage: Pour a few drops of Serum in palm or on a cotton pad and wipe thoroughly over your face and neck leave it for the whole night to work effectively. It shrinks pores.It moisturizes- is humectants, which means that they help to bind moisture to the skin. It refreshes skin Can be used on daily basis. Moulds the skin. Should be used one week before starting Bio Pigmentation and Pimple Kit Facial.
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